Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre

Welcome! Our Centre is about celebrating local history and the creative arts in the Spring Bay region of Tasmania’s beautiful east coast. 

The Centre is made up of 3 groups, providing creative, practical and informative spaces for members and visitors to participate in and enjoy.


Maritime Museum

Our Museum celebrates the history and maritime legacy of the Spring Bay region through local artefacts, storytelling events and exhibitions. Among our exhibits are restored small wooden boats, made by local boatbuilders of renown, a rare indigenous bark canoe, navigation artefacts, and Crimean-themed pottery rescued from 1850 shipwreck of the ‘Katherine Shearer’.







Community Shed

Celebrating local wooden
boat-building heritage


Boats that have fallen on hard times are sourced and brought to the Shed


Shed members work together to bring sad old wooden boats back to life


With time, skill and effort, restoration is complete and boats are set to go


We have fun along the way and enjoy getting together to share


Studio & Gallery

The Studio encourages creativity through a vibrant art space, with classes in drawing, painting, printmaking and much more.  The Studio is led by a professional artist.

Open every Monday 9.30am to 1.00pm and through January, when our yearly exhibition is on show. Also open by appointment. Visitors and new members are most welcome. 

What's Happening

News and Events at Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre

Maritime Museum – refreshed!

The Maritime Museum has just been reopened as a tribute to the maritime industry and its people on Tasmania’s east coast. The Museum is focused on local traditional boat building, restoration, and design. This includes the maritime traditions of the First Nations people of the area. Also highlighted are the early whaling industry, and the many shipwrecks and salvage along the east coast.

The Museum is open Mondays and Wednesdays 10.00-2.00pm and for advertised events.

Exhibition – Circles in Landscape

The recent annual exhibition of the Studio & Gallery featured projects undertaken in 2022 that concentrated on interpretations of circles in landscape, within a broad scope of possibilities. In addition, we’re exhibited a Fundraiser of paintings depicting local landscapes featuring Maria Island. Whilst the formal Exhibition is now over, visitors are welcome to visit the Studio during class times (Mondays 10.00am-1.00pm) to view those works still displayed. Local, interstate and international visitors are all welcome, although we do ask that everyone is mindful of Covid and takes appropriate health precautions.

Wooden Boat Restoration

Our Community Shed team. lead by renowned local boat builder Bernard, are working on a beautiful old wooden boat that will be a wonderful addition to to our Maritime Museum. Shed members can learn and develop the many skills required to restore such a vessel and enjoy what will be a significant achievement. Previously restored local boats such as ‘Teba’ and ‘Mavis Pearl’ can be viewed in the Maritime Museum.

A bit more about the Centre

Sue Nettlefold


Greg Crump

Vice President

Trish Kirk

Treasurer / Acting Secretary

Eugene Alexander

Public Officer / Committee rep

Linda Davoren

Studio rep

Murray Watson

Community Shed rep

We Are Here...

We’re situated on Tasmania’s east coast at the Marina, 17 Esplanade, Triabunna (close by the Maria Island Ferry Terminal)  

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