Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre

Welcome! Our Centre is about celebrating local history and the creative arts in the Spring Bay region of Tasmania’s beautiful east coast. 

The Centre is made up of 3 groups, providing creative, practical and informative spaces for members and visitors to participate in and enjoy.


Maritime Museum

Our Museum celebrates the history and maritime legacy of the Spring Bay region through local history, storytelling events and exhibitions. The Museum’s annual exhibition is open every day in January of each year. We’re also open on Mondays 9.30am-1.00pm and by appointment. 


Community Shed

Celebrating local wooden
boat-building heritage


Boats that have fallen on hard times are sourced and brought to the Shed


Shed members work together to bring sad old wooden boats back to life


With time, skill and effort, restoration is complete and boats are set to go


We have fun along the way and enjoy getting together to share


Studio & Gallery

The Studio encourages creativity through a vibrant art space, with classes in drawing, painting, printmaking and much more.  The Studio is led by a professional artist.

Open every Monday 9.30am to 1.00pm and through January, when our yearly exhibition is on show. Also open by appointment. Visitors and new members are most welcome. 

What's Happening

News and Events at Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre

There is…Still Life in Spring Bay Exhibition

The Studio’s exhibition ‘There is…Still Life in Spring Bay’ ran throughout January and was a great success, with a 43% increase in visitor numbers from last year! A total of 1,168 local, interstate and international (from 19 countries) people enjoyed viewing the works that Studio artists had worked on throughout the year. We got some great feedback and enjoyed many interesting chats with locals and tourists alike. Members were again rostered in pairs each day to spread the workload; encouraging all to vote in the People’s Choice Award, won by local artist Su Morice.


2020 Summer Cruise

Our Summer Evening Cruise took place on Saturday 8 February aboard the Maria Island Ferry (run by Navigator) and was very successful. Whilst the number of guests was a little down on last year, everyone who attended had an excellent night. This yearly event helps the Maritime Museum raise much needed funds to allow us to continue to open and develop our exhibitions, so thanks to all who attended.


Working towards the Wooden Boat Festival

Our Shed boat building team Bernard and Chris are working on a beautiful old boat which we are hoping to enter in next years Wooden Boat Festival. If we manage to pull it off, what a wonderful achievement for our Shed as well a great asset. 


A bit more about the Centre

Jim Playsted


Dale Pearce

Chair, Maritime Museum

Peter Deak

Chair, Community Shed

Sue Nettlefold

Chair, Studio & Gallery

We Are Here...

We’re situated on Tasmania’s east coast at the Marina, 17 Esplanade, Triabunna (close by the Maria Island Ferry Terminal)  

Spring Bay Maritime & Discovery Centre Inc
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